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Another Dressup game?

2008-12-21 09:37:52 by VeryBigDoughnut

Thats right. But it's not just any dress-up game. It's a ginger-man dress-up game! That's right over 20 different items to put on. I have runescape items, WoW items, and lots of other random items like Boxman from smosh, a lightsaber you name it. Just see if you like it. And believe me it's not just those other games where you put on just different colored shirts. So go ahead stop reading this long post and go try it out. C'mon you know you want to.

Another Dressup game?

A New Combo

2008-11-30 08:34:49 by VeryBigDoughnut

Many of you know all the stick combo's which are awesome. Well, I'm working on a combo myself. Except this ones going to be awesome because it's 131 hit, instead of 20 or 30. I'm already up to 60. But I'm going to add all the effects when I'm done to make it even cooler. If you have any suggestions just feel free to comment and I'll try to reason with you. Thanks.

Like my new header?

2008-11-23 16:35:03 by VeryBigDoughnut

It took about an hour or so to totally finish it. It's pretty awesome. It's about my new stick series, Stick Madness. So tell me how you think and i'll try to improve.